Scouting Report

Welcome to Sports in Stilettos!

I’m Justine, the girl behind the blog.

I like shoes, but I love sports, especially college football. I’ve been known to spend the entire day watching games, from the pre-game shows to the post-game wrap-ups and everything in between (Ok, ok, that’s really just a typical fall Saturday for me. I’m obsessed. Don’t judge.)

And thanks to the internet, I get to share it with all of you. I started blogging in August 2007 over at Fannation before migrating to

In 2010, I joined the wonderful community at isportsweb, blogging as the University of Southern California Football Correspondent. A year later, my football coverage went bicoastal when I became one of the ACC football bloggers at FOXSports/’s College Football News (CFN).

I’m currently a college football writer for the Rant Sports’ Laces Out college football blog, focusing on the ACC and Pac-12 (and a lot of things in between!)

My favorite college football team, the one that got me started down the path toward football fanaticism, is USC. Sanctions or no sanctions, through win streaks or slumps, I’m a Trojan girl at heart. Fight On!

With the exception of USC, though, I’m a Maryland sports fan, born and raised. 

I went to my first Orioles game way back when they had a winning record and I had a side ponytail, and I’m finally letting myself get excited about what seems to be the return of some Orioles Magic.

In the meantime, I’m more than happy to cheer on the Ravens, who are A) awesome and B) the only men who can wear purple and still look fierce. 

And when football season’s over, I’ll stop berating Randy Edsall and turn my full attention to Fearing the Turtle and cheering on Mark Turgeon’s team at Maryland basketball games.

Questions? Comments? Spare tickets? Job offers? I’ll take ‘em all. Email me: or find me on Facebook or Twitter