Mark Buehrle Will Leave His Family Behind Because His Dog Is Banned In Toronto


Saw this earlier this week on Deadspin.

It’s not quite as dramatic as the header suggests (never is, is it?) but basically, MLB pitcher Mark Buehrle was traded from the Miami Marlins to the Toronto Blue Jays.

If it wasn’t already depressing enough to be relocated from South Florida to Canada, one of his dogs is an American Staffordshire terrier which is banned in Ontario and, therefore, can’t come with him. 

So the rest of the family isn’t either. 

It might seem a little extreme, but I get it. Pets are family. You can’t just get rid of them or send them away when they’re inconvenient (and as a new puppy owner, I sometimes wish you could!)

It breaks my heart when I hear about people giving their dogs up because they have to move to a different housing situation that doesn’t allow pets. Would you leave your kids behind? Probably not - you’d find a way to keep them with you. 

In Buehrle’s case, he’s still splitting up the family, but he’s the one who’ll be in Toronto while the rest of the family - wife, kids, and all the dogs, will split the summer between Florida and St. Louis. 

I actually like this decision. He’s an adult making a conscious decision; he knows what the situation is and can prepare for it and handle it much better than a beloved dog who is suddenly sent away and can’t comprehend why, or what he did wrong, or where his family went. 

Plus, Buehrle’s a ballplayer so he’ll be on the road about half the season anyway and would be without the rest of the family on all the away trips, so it’s much less of a strain than it would be for someone relocating for an office job. 

Bottom line: When it comes to family, you do what you have to do to make it work. And dogs are most certainly family. 

Original story in The Washington Post

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