"Elite"? Sure, when it comes to his contract

“Now, Baltimore Ravens:
It’s 2008. gonna sell you a quarterback for $120 million, more money than any qb in NFL history! You’re going to go to the playoffs every single year for his first 5 years in the league…and win at least one game each time. You’re going to win the division twice; you’re going to sweep your 8 home games and the AFC North for the first time ever during one of those seasons; you’re going to finally beat the colts in the playoffs; you’re going to finally beat peyton manning in the playoffs; you’re going to finally beat tom brady in the playoffs; you’re going to go to 3 AFC Championships in those 5 years (and he’ll play well enough to win two of them); he’ll lead game-winning drives IN PITTSBURGH at Heinz Field two seasons in a row; he’ll lead you to your best start in franchise history of 9-2 while the defense falls apart b/c of injuries; he’ll be a super bowl MVP while throwing 11 TDs & 0 INTs in that playoff run; he’ll be arguably the best deep-ball thrower in the league… … .but occasionally he’ll be inconsistent with his completion percentage. Do you want him or not?”

The above from the comments section on ProFootballTalk’s post “Getting sixth year on Flacco deal was a win for Ravens.”

And my answer is:

 "I don’t know, how does his bum look in football pants, and does that $120 mil include gift wrapping and delivery?

"Hell YES, please and thank you!"

In all seriousness, the above points are ones I have been making for a few seasons now when people - Ravens fans and otherwise - have criticized Bmore’s QB.  

Is he elite? A) I’m over this dumb debate. Who. Freakin. Cares. B) Depends on who you ask but C) if a Super Bowl MVP who is the highest-paid player in NFL history and the first to reach the playoffs in each of his first five seasons is not elite, then we seriously, seriously need to retire this conversation because it is irrelevant.

Haters still gon’ hate but I don’t really care if he’s “elite” as long as he keeps winning for us. 

I have a dear friend who said he’d rather have his team exit the playoffs in the first round than be in the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco as his team’s QB.

Glad that worked out for ya and we both got what we wanted. By the way, doesn’t my Super Bowl Champions sweatshirt look cute? Goes really well with the “Joe the Quarterback” tee I’ve been rocking since ‘09. 


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